Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 Visiting the real LION KING is like Champagne

Visiting the real LION KING.


Visiting the real LION KING is like Champagne:  exciting, elevating, thrilling.

Agamemnon and his pet lion (the lion's den below)
met me at those gates and I had a tour of his

Palace.  Then off we went in a fancy carriage to visit with King Nestor, where he and Queen Eurydice were celebrating, hosting their annual wine festival.  Tall kylix cups with handles like funny ears
were passed around.    The new wines were delicious, especially the Kydonitsa.


We stayed much too late to leave, so we spent the night and continued the celebrating.

I told you traveling to the Bronze Age is like drinking Champagne.


I have not yet told you about how Julius Caesar Invented Champagne, though, have I?  That’s quite a tale.    Next time, maybe.  Bye-bye,


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